Framework for the building of management applications and web work.
Personalized sites and intranets development services.

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Software presentation

Integral structure and database system

Magicpl is a tool with multiple posibilities, that doesn't depends on thirdties. Is a complete and autonomous product that can be deployed without expensive requirements and with the maximum reliability. With this tool we can create different content managements and research platforms.

Developed applications

Powerful, lightweight and versatile

In less than 5Mb we can have a complete application that works in more than 10 year old machines. All structure and programs are developed with Perl programming language, which interectuates with database plain text files in a quick, transparent and secure way. Our system is modular and we can share a lot of the pieces and another personlize them, developing agile and in an adapted way.

Technical description

Free and accessible tehcnology

We are fans of free software philosophy and open access to ICT, without discrimination or profit, so we license the software under Affero GPLv3. Our system is compatible natively with unix-like machines and can be implemented in any server, allowing import and export data from other repositories and we are working to implement open linked data and semanthic web, who facilitate open and shared knowledge in the Web.

Values and philosophy

Slowtech, female and mature

The project was initiated about 20 years ago and during that time it has been developed almost totally by 2 women. Now there is a generational change with gender balance but we continue developing in a feminist perspective, where important are processes and paying atention to the relational aspects. In this line we are software handcrafters, with the experience and stability of a mature process.

More about team

What we offer?


Personalized management web applications, like:

- Databases and repositories of data and documentation

- Collaborative platforms and intranets

- Interactive simulation games to engage communities and events

- Virtual management processess, ecommerce, reservations, etc.

- Conceptualization and structure of a organizational or informational web project.


Configuration and adaptation of magicpl products

Frontend integration of any design.

Web design

Simple wordpress or another cms page creation

Realized projects

Interaction and dinamic platforms

Ludic interaction and role-playing platforms, during 2004 and 2007.

Vidajoc. 2005

Interactive application game of life simulation, with background on social reflection. 12 life phases during one real year. Own project experimentation to engage our neighbourhood. Year 2005.

Visit Vidajoc In catalan. Second edition of the game currently on stand by since then. Enter as visitant : visitant

Virtuàlia. Desembre 2006

Youth interaction virtual game derivate from vidajoc application, in collaboration with La Capsa cultural center. 2006.

Visit Virtualia In catalan. Enter as visitant : visitant

Aplicaciones de gestión / intranets

Collaborative spaces and work around organizations

TXECpl. 2013

In catalan, initials from networking and knowledge spaces (.pl - in perl). It is a coordination and publishing platform for entities and projects, with workgroups structure, nodes and diferent subitems of content. Some features are: managing privileges over content, inter-relation between public, intranet and database dimension, versatile and self-managed configuration and more.

Visit TXECpl

Agenda Salud. 2010

Managing and organizing a health system network, for doctors and patients and corporations. After the realization the project didn't get out because of external issues.

Visit AgendaSalud

Catalogues, online shops and reserves

Commercial managing and online reserves

Cepavin. 2004

Catalogue of products and sale.

Visit Cepavin

Santuari de Cura. 2003

Information website and managing reserves for room renting.

Visit Santuari de Cura

Managing information websites

Aplications to manage multi-language sites and multi-level hierarchy pages of information.

Nautarkia project website. 2009

Website for Nautarkia project, a collective construction and managing space in the countryside, with radical fantasy background and narrative and social system.

Visit Nautarkia

Information and indicators for FAVB 2002

Platform to manage and visualize multiple indicators for each neighbourhood in Barcelona, for the federation of neighbourhood entities.

Visit FAVB

Technical description


Base of our framework is Perl language, a fast and natively stablished in servers, and consolidated thanks to lots of projects on the Internet. We have our own comprehensive databse system, but we can assimilate other common system (mysql, oracle, no-sql...). We can install it in any machine where there is an Apache server, and is not needed anything else. System can run in old machines and processors, and client only needs the navigator (and network connection, if is not a local one)


We are software handcrafters and we used to code everything, as well as templates and javascript too. nowadays we are using some frameworks in the frontend to bootstrap and perform user experience, but we still create personalized designs for every project. We are using bootstrap, jquery, masonry, select2, datatables and other plugins and frameworks.


  • Lightweight system, modular and compact
  • Backend system for administration
  • New environment and tables can be set easily and fast.
  • Backup system, exporting and importing and data accessibility
  • Multi-language
  • Advanced configuration and privileges system for all actions

Values and objectives


  • Flexibility and swiftness to personalize aplications
  • Comprehensive system, complete and without dependencies
  • Modular and simple, without complexity of dimensions
  • Open software and aiming a complete free software project
  • Catalan project, slow tech (proximity for catalonia projects)
  • We are not a comercial company, we are a small team, affordable and accessible
  • We considera and appreciate social transformation values in our doing


  • Consolidate a free-software project
  • Provide tools to help collectives and cooperatives from our environtment
  • Document and systematize better some processes
  • Open new challenges and collaborations


Dolça Moreno Grabulós

Coordinates different projects and areas in the new generation phase. Magicpl sistem belongs to her genealogic history and believes on the principles and characteristics of the project. Analisys of the projects, she designs, integrates and codes front-end and backend. She lived with aliens for some time in the countryside [nautarkia] and you can find her on the networks as dulzet / dlz.

Personal webpage

Maite Herrero

She coded the most of the programs of the project. She is very capable and fast and for many years she programmed a lot of applications. Nowadays is mentoring and supervising this phase.

Margarita Grabulós Sabatés

Alma matter and project responsible. She fought many years to go forward with the framework, against institution and lobbies, with her values upon technology (accessibility, openness, simplicity...). From the beginning she supported and stationed on free software philosophy, and she has many years of experience. She is mentoring and supporting funding patron.

License, credits and legal

Our framework is licensed under Affero GPL v3. Copyright Magicpl team, Margarita, Maite, Dolça.

The code

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